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Trade Jewelry

Our trade plan provides an easy and economical way to make purchases with 47stcloseouts.com or get paid cash  for old used and unwanted gold  Below are the guidelines:

  1. We will trade or buy any gold, diamonds, and platinum jewelry only, at any condition new or used.

  2. You will need to call [1-877-391-188] or email [sales@47stcloseouts.com] before mailing your jewelry. Once notified by our staff, you will need to mail and insured your jewelry at your own cost to our NY address - 20 West 47th Street, Suite 201 ,New York, NY 10036.

    Please include the TRADE JEWELRY FORM with your jewelry.
    Please fill your information here and download form.

  3. We will inspect your jewelry and call you or email you within 48 hrs  with the value of your jewelry

  4. If offer accepted we will mail you the check within 24hrs or  will apply it towards your purchase from our site immediately
    If offer is not accepted we will mail it back within 24 hrs via usps priority mail signature required at no cost to you.

47stcloseouts.com is committed to paying you top rates and would like to have you as our customer.

Please note that our satisfaction guarantee only applies to items that contain precious metals, such as gold, diamonds or platinum. We do not accept costume (fake) jewelry, or items that do not contain precious metals.

Please email us with your name, address, email address and phone number
The amount we pay for your unwanted gold or diamonds depends on the quality and quantity of the gold you send in.

47stcloseouts.com is able to offer you top rate for your unwanted jewelry because we refine our own materials. There are no middle-men, no retail stores who are looking to retain a profit for themselves and no third parties. When you send in your items, they are received by the refinery.

Here is how we determine what to pay for your items.
  • First your jewelry is received by the refinery where your items are inventoried.
  • Professionally trained and experienced appraisers will test your items to verify they contain precious metals and in what purity the precious metal exists (quality).
  • Your items are then weighed to determine the amount of precious metals we received (quantity).
  • Based on our appraisal of your precious metals, we will determine a payout value based on the trading price of that metal on the day we receive it. A check will be sent out to you for this amount.

When you send your items in to us, please keep in mind that we are paying you based on the value of actual gold and diamonds contained, not on the ornamental value of the piece. You should also keep in mind that the more gold and diamonds jewelry you send us, the more we are able to pay out. Finally, you should keep in mind that 47stcloseouts.com offers a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the amount you receive, you can request your items are returned without obligation. We are also recognized by the better business bureau Based on BBB files, 47stcloseouts.com  has a BBB Rating of A on a scale from A+ to F.


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