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47st Closeouts Specialty in NYC’s Diamond District sells jewelry to stores all over the city but they also have a thorough website and they repair jewelry as well. With 47stcloseouts.com it’s quick and simple to have your jewelry repaired! If you’re looking for jewelry repair in NYC, look no further than 47st Closeouts. They are able to do anything and everything when it comes to jewelry repair in NYC.  Whether you’re looking to replace missing diamonds, fix a faulty setting, reassemble, polish, or size your jewelry, 47st Closeouts can do it all for a reasonable price. Fine jewelry repair in NYC has never been so convenient! 

Jewelry Repair NYC

New York is the best known for diamond jewelry around the world. It has been home to most impressive and powerful diamond cutters in the world. Prominent among them are Lazar Kaplan, who is best known for carving 13 polished diamonds out of the Jonkar Diamond.  New York stores have staff that is professionally trained. Some of the stores are providing very fast one day service to their customers for Jewelry Repair NYC

Repairing jewelry does not mean that your jewelry is broken and it needs to be fixed or etc. Your jewelry needs polishing time to time (Dust, oils, and dirt can get on the surface and in the openings of your jewelry causing it to lose its luster) you can restore your dull jewelry back to its original glimmer and shine.  , resized, you want to change the stones of your jewelry by sending it to stores for Jewelry Repair NYC. Diamonds and other stones can fall out of settings for any number of reasons. It could be any number of pieces of jewelry – rings, bracelets, earrings, you name it. The chords of pearl necklaces and bracelets are very delicate and can be susceptible to breakage with time and wear.  You can find jewelry repair in NYC that offers all of the services that you require. It could be anything.

There’s nothing worse than getting ready and putting on jewelry, only to find out that it is damaged in one way or another. You need Jewelry repair NYC as it is a place that you can rely on to get the job done properly, quickly and affordably. Maintenance of your jewelry is necessary as it can prevent you from losing your precious stones.

There are many types of jewelry repairs in NYC. If you have a broken any kind of jewelry they will be able to repair it regardless of the problem to satisfy your needs, so that you can wear it once again. They  can mount, clean and polish stones. If you want to swap out a diamond for a sapphire, change the cut of the diamond or bring in a loose diamond to have it set. There are number of stores of Jewelry repair NYC known for best services whether it is repairing or refurbishing. Jewelry Doctor New York is famous for highest standards of costumer care and fair prices deals.

There are many shops that offer Jewelry repair NYC from where you can quickly get your ornaments fixed. some of them are Diamond District Polishing they are best known for their polishing skills, AY jewelry, Sash jewelry Repair, Lauren B.

Some of the jewelry stores take your old diamond rings and re-design them for you. You can also take photograph of your favorite design and they'll turn your design concept into reality by creating a custom made piece to your specifications.

Now you don't need to go anywhere to get your jewelry fixed or polished in NYC. Online services for jewelry repair in NYC are also available. You can send your jewelry and they'll fix it and return you in next 48hours by shipping in reasonable prices. All you need to do is fill a form and tell them about the issue.  That's all.

Many companies of Jewelry repair NYC also offer discounts on renewing and repairing old jewelry. They even offer free cleaning and inspection services of your jewelry  so that you can easily decide what to do with old ornaments.  You can even find jewelry repairs in NYC for costume jewelry which is currently the talk of town


Services We do :
• Missing Diamonds.
• Jewelry Re-Assembly. 
• Repair any type of damage jewelry . 
• Invisible Setting Repair. 
• Ring Sizing. 
• Jewelry Polishing. 
• Steaming.
• Renewing.

Jewelry repair NYC
With our website, Jewelry Repair NYC, you’re guaranteed to come away with a beautiful piece of jewelry along with a warranty that ensures we will fix your jewelry if the setting becomes loose or if you lose a stone (or anything else). Jewelry Repair NYC will not only repair your jewelry but we also sell quality pieces that won’t break the bank. Since Jewelry Repair NYC sells wholesale to shops all over the city, we have a wide array of jewelry to choose from at an affordable price. Jewelry Repair NYC also offers unique, specialty pieces that range from antique engagement rings to specific stud diamond earrings for men. When looking for specific or standard pieces of jewelry (with or without diamonds), Jewelry Repair NYC has what you want.


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