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Antique Style Engagement Rings NYC

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An engagement ring can be one of the most stressful things to shop for because one hopes it will be perfect and sometimes it’s hard to find the right one, especially if you’re looking for antique style engagement rings in NYC. No matter what your specifications, it’s easy and fun to shop for an engagement ring with 47stcloseouts.com even if you’re looking for the perfect antique style engagement rings in NYC! With a large selection of diamonds in all shapes and sizes, an antique style engagement ring in your price range with the right amount of carats shouldn’t be a problem with 47stcloseouts.com.

Antique style engagement rings in NYC

Antique style engagement rings in NYC are some of the most popular accessories around. Many like the idea of wearing vintage diamonds but don’t want to pay the high prices. It’s easier (and cheaper) to find antique style engagement rings in NYC because, in that case, they look antique but are actually modern. No matter what your specifications, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for with Jewelry Repair NYC. The perfect antique style engagement rings in NYC are right at your fingertips! With a large selection of diamonds in all shapes, sizes and colors, an antique style engagement ring in NYC in your price range with the right amount of carats is possible to find. And don’t worry about getting your antique style engagement ring in NYC fixed or cleaned: we’ll do it for you.

Antique style engagement rings in NYC

Engagement is one of the most important event of any couple. No matter it is held in which part of the world, it is one of the most memorable event of a couple. Talking about engagement, the most significant thing that is involved in this grand is choosing the right ring for your to-be-spouse. Choosing an antique diamond engagement rings is also a priority for both men and women. Women love wearing jewellery, but engagement ring is one of those accessories in their collection that are close to their heart.

Here is a list of antique diamond engagement rings that can make your event memorable.  

1.66ct Floral Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

This is one of the most delicate antique diamond engagement rings. This is an interesting and unusual antique diamond engagement rings as its centre diamond is from 1920s and came during a time when Art Deco was leading the style of everything from pottery to architects. This diamond ring reflects the earlier Art Nouveau movement that took place a decade ago, which is something that makes it more unique and notable.  This beautifully designed ring has two halos of diamonds and sapphires, each of 21 stones and is approx. 1.66ct, VS1 clarity and J colour. The combination of sapphire and diamond make an ideal piece when we talk about antique diamond engagement rings.

Antique Pear-Shaped Ceylon Sapphire Ring

We have seen sapphires playing a supporting role when we talk about diamond rings, but this is not the case every time. Sapphire is one of those stones that has the same delicacy and beauty even if they stand alone and this beautifully crafted ring is the best example. Ceylon, which is now known as Sri Lanka, is one of those countries which are popular for sapphires because the quality and colours of sapphire that are found there have no match in the whole world.

This amazing 9.59 par-shaped sapphire ring is something that makes is magnificent and royal. The complex engraving work makes this engagement ring unique and perfect buy for your event.

Antique Style Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

This beautifully crafted engagement ring modified after a ring that was made in 1920s, shows perfect symmetry of the Art Deco period and the combination of sapphire and diamond. This ring is not one of the classic antique diamond engagement rings but its notable beauty is difficult to ignore. A halo of sapphires indicates how rules cannot overwhelm originality and beauty.

Vintage Sapphire Ring

It is one of the most precious and unique ring. With its broad shoulders bold design, people might mistake it for some kind of cocktail ring, but the beauty of this rings makes it stand out in the market. The beauty of its design and the stones studded in this ring are so exquisite that it cannot be defined in words. The first glance of people leave them in awe.  5.11ct center sapphire sets apart this ring from the collection of vintage sapphire antique diamond engagement rings. The delicacy of this ring is something that catches the attention of people around the world. This is the perfect buy for such an auspicious event.

Diamond and Cabochon Sapphire Ring

Cabochon, is one if those stones that is shaped and polished instead of the usual facet that is crafted by cutting. 12 cabochon sapphires studded in one ring is something that makes this ring more unusual even if you compare it with other antique diamond engagement rings . the centre 1.5ct beautiful cut diamond has made it an exquisite piece where the centre diamond and blue of sapphire has added extra elegance.  


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